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Drink Mix - 15ct

  • RKMD Glutathione Sports Drink
  • RKMD Glutathione Sports Drink Increases Glutathione 5 Ways

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Drink Mix - 15ct

Boost Glutathione, ingredients within this GRB® formula work together to increase Glutathione and activate Nrf2 pathways.

Benefits of GRB®

Benefits - Boost Mental Clarity

Mental Clarity

Benefits - Boost Energy Levels

Energy Levels

Benefits - Increase Glutathione


Benefits - Activate Nrf2


GRB® Additional Information

Glutathione - The Supreme Antioxidant


The Supreme Antioxidant

Glutathione is a critically important antioxidant involved in the maintenance of optimal cellular function. In contrast to other antioxidant proteins such as SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) or Catalase, Glutathione is a unique tripeptide that aids in neutralization of many different types of free radicals produced within the cell.

Glutathione Rapid Boost More Benefits

Activate Nrf2

GRB® ingredients activate Nrf2

When Nrf2 is activated, it tells your cells to produce Catalase, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and Glutathione. During exercise the body naturally produces free radicals. Activating Nrf2 pathways helps your cells neutralize these free radicals. Eliminating free radicals reduces oxidative stress and inflammation allowing your cells to perform more efficiently.

Glutathione Rapid Boost More Benefits

Activate Nrf2

More Benefits

Glutathione plays many roles

Glutathione is important in health & peak function of the brain, including memory and mental acuity.

Studies have shown that individuals who have lived 100+ years have naturally high levels of Glutathione.

Glutathione, strengthens your body's mechanisms of detoxification & immune function.

Glutathione increases cell ATP production, the more ATP available in cells the more energy available to your body.

Increased Glutathione reduces Altitude Sickness Symptoms

Beat Altitude Sickness

Glutathione Shows Symptom Reduction

Studies demonstrate that an increase in glutathione can reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness, and oxidative stress while staying in high altitude regions. What does that mean for the average vacationer or traveler? That taking Glutathione Rapid Boost Sports Drink Mix® may be an excellent dietary approach to reducing the inconvenient symptoms of altitude sickness. GRB® also hydrates you and reduces symptoms while providing an increase in your energy.

Glutathione Rapid Boost More Benefits

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