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Answers to common questions about OGF®
and our world class supplements.

What is the daily suggested use for OGF®?

It is recommended you take all six capsules in the morning either before or after breakfast.

Why isn't there glutathione in this formula?

Original Glutathione Formula® is a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that support the accelerated production of glutathione naturally in your own body. N acetyl cysteine (NAC) is used instead of glutathione. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) helps to replenish intracellular glutathione. It has proven to be an efficient oral source of glutathione as it is well absorbed by the intestine and readily converted to glutathione

How is OGF® better that other glutathione supplements?

OGF® increases glutathione 5 ways:

1 - Activating Nrf2, signaling your body to make glutathione.

2 - Providing the essential ingredients your body needs to make glutathione.

3 - Enhancing nutrient absorption.

4 - Recycling existing glutathione.

5 - Maximizing enzymatic reactions promoting glutathione synthesis.

Can I take less than 6 capsules?

The recommended serving size for Original Glutathione Formula® is 6 capsules daily for a 150 pound person (1 capsule for every 25 pounds you weigh). It is okay to start taking less and gradually increase the number over time. Consult with your physician regarding any new nutritional supplementation.

Do I have to take OGF® every day?

It is recommended to take OGF daily to build up your body's natural ability to produce glutathione.

Should I take OGF® with food?

This is completely up to you. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to try taking it with food.

Why does my OGF® smell sulphurous?

That just means that it is full strength. Sometimes when, during shipment, the bottle(s) are exposed to the heat of a mail truck, it causes the contents of the bottle to heat up a little and accumulate odor in the bottle. When they open it, they get a nice blast of ALA (alpha lipoic acid) which has a pronounced smell of sulfur/rotten eggs. This smell dissipates quickly if you leave the bottle open for 5 minutes or so.

Is this the same formula as Max GXL?

For several years our Glutathione Technology was exclusively licensed to Max International and sold under the product name Max GXL. That exclusivity ended many years ago. We manufacture the product in the exact same double GMP certified facility that Dr. Keller personally selected, using the exact ingredients (both type and quality) he demanded.

Will OGF® help boost my immune system?

Glutathione is the body's primary antioxidant and is found in elevated concentrations into our 20's. As we age, the natural levels begin to decrease. Original Glutathione Formula® increases the body's natural production of glutathione, strengthening your body's mechanisms of detoxification and immune function.

Who should not take these products?

If you are pregnant and/or nursing, you should discontinue use of products until you have reviewed and consulted with your personal physician regarding your wellness needs. If you have a severe allergy or sensitivity to ingesting shellfish or mushrooms, you should discontinue use of this product. We always recommend consulting with a doctor before starting any nutritional supplements.

Will OGF® help protect my lung health?

Glutathione is an important protective antioxidant. Studies show that N-acetyl (NAC) cysteine protects against oxidative stress and inflammation in the lungs.

Will OGF® give me more energy?

Loss of energy and stamina, though often age related, can also be brought about by poor nutrition, lack of proper sleep, elevated levels of physical or emotional stress and depleted glutathione in your body. Glutathione increases your cells efficiency. The more efficiently each cell in your body operates, the more ATP (energy) it can produce. The more ATP your cells produce, the more energy you will have available. Daily supplementation with Original Glutathione Formula® may help to restore normal healthy levels of glutathione, restoring your ability to work and play at full capacity.

Will OGF® help with my memory?

Glutathione is very important in the overall health and peak function of the brain, including memory and mental acuity. The brain consumes more calories per ounce than any other organ in the body, and as a result, is also responsible for an equally high level of free radical formation. In order for the brain to function at optimum efficiency there needs to be adequate levels of glutathione available to quench and eliminate these free radicals as quickly as they are formed.

Will OGF® lighten my skin?

There have been no studies done on whether or not our product assists with skin whitening. However OGF® assist in promoting healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and exerts a significant demand on your available supply of glutathione. Your skin is the body's largest direct recipient of environmental stress. Skin is the first contact point for almost every environmental challenge (chemicals, toxins, pathogens, UV and other forms of radiation, abrasions, etc.). The ability to stave off these environmental insults is critical to maintaining good skin health and paramount in preserving good skin appearance. OGF® supports the body's ability to maintain normal healthy levels of glutathione, helping your skin maintain its youthful radiance and elasticity.

Will OGF® help with muscle aches and soreness?

In the first 10 minutes of aerobic exercise you burn as much as 40% of the available glutathione in your muscle tissue. Muscle soreness occurs when you exercise in the absence of a sufficient level of glutathione in your body. As a result of this glutathione deficit your mitochondria may become oxygen starved resulting in Anaerobic Glycolysis, when the mitochondria burn sugar without oxygen to create energy. This causes the production and accumulation of lactic acid, which is responsible for the muscle pain we sometimes experience after a strenuous workout. Original Glutathione Formula® decreases accumulated lactic acid, which means you can have more pain-free workouts because your muscles recover more quickly.

What are the anti-aging benefits of taking OGF®?

Glutathione levels in the body begins to decline in our early 20's and progressively decline as we age. The cause of this decrease may be the body's inability to produce Glutathione as efficiently as we age, or it might be that the body requires more glutathione as we get older. Interestingly, certain studies have shown that individuals who have lived 100+ years have naturally high levels of glutathione. Original Glutathione Formula® can help you feel and look younger by restoring normal healthy levels of glutathione. The result: Increased vitality, health, and wellness.

How does OGF® improve internal organ function?

It is well known and established that glutathione is present in every cell in your body, with elevated concentrations present in the tissue of your major internal organs. Glutathione is the body's primary antioxidant and detoxifier, capable of doing the job of all of your body's other available antioxidants. Glutathione is also the only antioxidant that, once utilized, does not itself become a free radical. If your body's available glutathione becomes depleted, the ability of your internal organs to counteract free radical damage and eliminate toxins may become compromised. Daily supplementation with Original Glutathione Formula® may assist the body in maintaining or improving healthy levels of glutathione.

Does OGF® help with toxin elimination?

Your body relies on glutathione to scavenge and neutralize cell damaging toxins. We all experience daily exposure to a wide variety of toxins such as industrial chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, pollution, pesticides, fertilizers, processed foods and treated water. Original Glutathione Formula® enhances your body's ability to scavenge and neutralize cell damaging toxins.

Do healthy people need glutathione?

Although glutathione is naturally present in every cell of your body, starting in your early 20's your body's natural production of glutathione starts to decline by as much as 10 - 15% every decade. Additionally, stress, exercise, infection, injury, and environmental toxins can also reduce your body's glutathione levels. Lower glutathione levels appear to be linked to poor health. The super antioxidant supplement, Original Glutathione Formula can elevate your body's glutathione levels. The result: increased vitality, health, and wellness.

When will I feel results with OGF®?

Everyone responds differently, depending on your body's natural production of glutathione. Some of the benefits people report are:

- better, more restful sleep

- more energy

- increased mental focus and clarity

- reduction of muscle aches and chronic soreness

- healthy, clear, radiant skin

Please note: Glutathione is an antioxidant and detoxifier. Original Glutathione Formula® enhances your body's ability to scavenge and neutralize cell damaging toxins. So depending on the level of toxins in your body, you might experience a detoxification period. It is important to take OGF with water and allow 6 - 8 weeks to feel the rejuvenating effects of glutathione supplementation.

What is a detox reaction to starting OGF®?

In the beginning some people have what is known as a detox reaction. OGF® works to pick up the toxins that are in the cells and get rid of them. As they are exiting the body, they go through the bloodstream. If there are too much of them there, you may feel the like you’ve got the flu, GI problems, headaches or other issues. Staying hydrated may lessen the symptoms if you experience them.

What are the ingredients of OGF®?

Each of the ingredients in OGF® were individually selected by Dr. Keller to create the ideal glutathione optimizer. They are glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine, N-acetyl D-glucosamine, vitamin C, quercetin, alpha lipoic acid, cordyceps, and milk thistle (silymarin).

Is OGF® manufactured in a GMP certified lab?

All RKMD supplements are manufactured in a GMP certified facility in compliance with international GMP standards.

This product has been manufactured and prepared in the USA by a GMP certified facility in strict conformance with industry and governmental standards. Purity and potency guaranteed. The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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