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Did you know that living at high altitude or visiting a high altitude location could dramatically impact your body's ability to maintain healthy glutathione levels? A study published in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine found that individuals visiting high altitude, simulated using a hypobaric chamber, are more likely to suffer increased oxidative stress. The study revealed that GSH (reduced glutathione) levels went down, while CSSG (oxidized glutathione) levels went up, indicating that the body experiences increased oxidative stress at high altitudes. This increased oxidative stress can result in altitude sickness symptoms.


altitude sickness symptom dizziness


altitude sickness symptom headache


altitude sickness symptom lack of energy


altitude sickness symptom vertigo


altitude sickness symptom nausea


altitude sickness symptom labored breathing


Altitude Sickness Treatment Essentials

What does it feel like to have altitude sickness? The combination of lower oxygen level and the impact it has on your metabolic function can make you feel like you have no energy.  While symptoms can be mild to severe, and vary on an individual basis, most people report feelings of nausea, and headache, frequently accompanied by a loss of appetite.  Dizziness and vertigo are also common symptoms of altitude sickness, as are vomiting.  Many people who travel to high altitudes also report a problem with sleeping and breathing, or experience laboured breathing that is exacerbated by the reduced abundance of oxygen.

Studies  demonstrate that an increase in glutathione can reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness, and oxidative stress while staying in high altitude regions.  What does that mean for the average vacationer or traveler?  That taking Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula™ may be an excellent dietary approach to reducing the inconvenient symptoms of altitude sickness. Once you get there, hydrating with Glutathione Rapid Boost®, GRB®, will further reduce the symptoms while providing you with an increase in your energy levels.

So whether you are a rock climber, camping and outdoor enthusiast, or even if you enjoy elevating your vacation experience thousands of feet above sea level, you need to know that maintaining a healthy level of glutathione is key to avoiding or significantly reducing many of the symptoms of elevation sickness.

Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness

Rest for 1 or 2 days to acclimatize to new high altitude.

Take 6 OGF capsules every morning at least one week prior to visiting high altitude location. Continue to take 6 capsules per day during visit.

Drink 1 to 2 GRB™ drinks before you arrive and every day during acclimatization

Avoid overexertion.

Stay out of direct sun exposure.

Abstain from alcohol, smoking and sleeping pills.

Be alert to symptoms and seek medical assistance if needed.

Beat Altitude Sickness with Original Glutathione Formula,
OGF™ and Glutathione Rapid Boost, GRB™ 

Original Glutathione Formula™

Original Glutathione Formula®

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Glutathione Rapid Boost™

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Original Glutathione Formula

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Glutathione Rapid Boost

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