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Coursera Offers Free Online Courses Available During the COVID-19 Quarantine

RKMD Blog 4 years ago

One of the most amazing things about the pandemic is how corporations and organizations have come together to provide free resources to help families and individuals cope with the current health crisis. While many businesses themselves are trying to navigate through the complicated repercussions of the Covid-19 virus, some large institutions have gone out of their way to provide free access to educational training. Additionally we compiled a list to beat the covid cabin fever symptoms.

Coursera is providing more free courses now, in partnership with Colleges and Universities and other training institutions, in virtually every subject area. Being idle is no fun. And if you cannot go to work and you have to stay home right now, you could investigate some of the great opportunities to learn (for free) online and boost your credentials and training. It may help you advance in your current career or be a tremendous help should you wish to start looking for other opportunities.

If doing a little continuing education online right now sounds like a good idea and fun to you, we would like to share a list of some of the resources we found.

Harvard University Offers 67 Free Courses

You will often see us sharing great posts and articles from Harvard Health because we respect and trust their knowledge and the information they provide on health and lifestyle. Now Harvard has announced that 67 of their online courses will now be available for free, to anyone who wants to enroll and use the quarantine time to master new professional skills.

The details indicate that some courses last from one week to 15 weeks and include subjects like programmatic language learning (coding), health, medicine, social sciences, computer sciences and web development, art, and creative design, business management, humanities, and more.

Click here to browse the free course catalog currently offered by Harvard University.

Art Education

On Coursera, the University of Florida is offering an interesting free online course called “Healing with the Arts”.  Michigan State University is offering a course called “Getting Started with Musical Theory” which is instruction on tonal and atonal compositions, vocals and instrument notes.

For something a little more theoretical, you may want to try the free online course provided by the California Institute of the Arts; “The Language of Design: Form and Meaning”.

Business and Entrepreneurial

Ready to brush up on some of your business skills? Some courses in Coursera are certificate eligible, but if they are not, do not forget to include them on your LinkedIn profile as continuing education you have completed. It can help you advance in your career or present as a competitive candidate for recruiters and organizations looking to hire.

Here are a few of the free business courses we found on Coursera:

From brushing on organizational skills to management training, there are many free courses available right now for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Pets and Animals

If you have ever wanted to learn what your dog is really thinking about, try this fun course from Duke University, “Dog Emotion and Cognition”.

There is also a free course from the University of Edinburgh, “Animal Behavior and Welfare” which is being offered at no charge for online learning.   A second free course called “The Truth About Cats and Dogs” is also available now from the University of Edinburgh.

Web Development and iOT

The California Institute of the Arts is offering “Web Design Strategy, Information and Architecture” to teach the essential fundaments of web development UX /UI for beginners and designers.  Another interesting course we found is offered by the University of Edinburgh “Research Data Management and Sharing”.

Psychology and Self-Care (Personal Health)

The University of Toronto Canada is providing a free course called “The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs” via Coursera.

Yale University offers “The Science of Well-Being” and over 2 million people have already enrolled in this course that coaches about scientific methods to achieve health, happiness, life balance and habits that support positive mental health.  Another popular course on mental health is offered by Johns Hopkins University, called “Psychological First Aid”. This course is not on self-care, but on recognizing signs of significant emotional distress in others. It teaches the RAPID model: Reflective listening, Assessment of needs, Prioritization, Intervention, and Disposition, which is used in crisis counseling and interventions for individuals in need of support.


Educational institutions and online training providers all generously offering courses for free during the COVID-19 quarantine. If you are not interested in professional training, there are also many other courses that can help you explore your creative side! There were a whopping 1,560 free courses listed on Coursera.

Visit this page to browse only the free courses offered.  

We hope you find something interesting and entertaining to study and take advantage of the free online learning available. It is a great opportunity for everyone.



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