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Your Mom Was Right All Along

RKMD Blog 11 years ago

If you are on a journey to overhauling your health and making lasting, permanent changes to your lifestyle the best place to start is diet.   We all know this and remember what our parents taught us and what we learned in school.  Healthy eating requires a balance of foods.   The problem is for most people that vegetables and fruits are not food that can be easily prepared and eaten “on the go”.   In fact if you are like most of us, you probably wish you had more time to do food preparation.    The intention to eat healthy is there, but it comes down to making time for it.

What if we told you that the majority of illnesses and conditions in the world are caused by malnutrition?  Obesity is less an epidemic of people eating too much but rather people eating the wrong things.   The human body is a sophisticated machine that knows exactly what it needs to function and perform.   To get back on the road to good health, the first place you must start is with your daily nutrition.    And you are right, it does take extra time and a bit of work but it is worth it.

The difference between individuals who have conditioned themselves athletically and the average person has nothing to do with genetics.  They are not “lucky” to be physically fit, but rather they are average people who have invested the time to learn more about their bodies from a clinical perspective.   Ask any athlete and they can tell you the best recipes to eat, the high quality proteins and the best supplements available on the market.   When you run your body like it is a high performance machine, you need to pay close attention to the fuel you put in it.  And that’s where the journey starts with a lifestyle and diet overhaul that begins with more fruits and green vegetables, for your health and well being. Check out these 3 superfoods you aren’t eating.

And that thing about your Mom being right?  Don’t worry, we won’t mention it to her.


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