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Why Oral Glutathione Supplements Do Not Work

RKMD Blog 10 years ago

There is no shortage of natural supplement products on the market that promise to help you increase your body’s glutathione level by increasing your uptake of manufactured glutathione.   The pills are treated like any other vitamin supplement, and often promise consumers that taking glutathione orally is an effective way to increase and sustain the amount glutathione in your body. Glutathione dietary supplements (L-glutathione) or reduced glutathione or GSH are available in capsule, powered form and drops.

These supplements are advertised using information that is true about the inherent value of glutathione to healthy functioning.  The prospectus for these supplements refer to the benefit of increased immunity, endurance, muscle strength and enhance protection against inflammation and chronic disease. Glutathione is valuable to your body and an important part of aging healthfully, but what they don’t tell you is that oral glutathione supplements do not work well.    It is convenient but according to clinical publications and tests, it is not an efficient way to increase or sustain levels of glutathione in the body. Learn about the importance of Glutathione.

Facts about Oral Glutathione

  • Oral glutathione is a small protein molecule that is easily digested by the stomach.
  • Oral glutathione is almost completely lost in the digestive track with very small amounts able to successfully enter the blood stream intracellular.
  • Oral glutathione is most rapidly absorbed within the lungs (this offers some benefit to lung cancer patients).
  • Oral glutathione levels were increased for a short period of three hours (average).

“The studies concluded that to achieve the optimal benefit of oral glutathione supplements, an adult would have to be severely glutathione deficient and take a minimum of 14 capsules every 3-5 hours.

Despite the fact that television and celebrities are promoting the benefit of oral glutathione, the medical community acknowledges that glutathione supplements offer minimal value.

The Original Glutathione Formula™ RobKellerMD© manufacturers the Original Glutathione Formula™ which is the culmination of the research of our founder, Dr. Robert Keller.   He lectured tirelessly and published research that conclusively acknowledged the inefficiency of oral glutathione.   What Dr. Keller wanted consumers to understand was that there was a powerful inherent value to increasing glutathione levels in the human body, and his formula devised a method of stimulating the body to accelerate the production of gluatathione nutritionally. What makes our product different?  By supporting your body with healthy nutrients it needs, it is better able to combat the impairment of toxins at the cellular level.   The daily supplement (six per day) provides the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to produce more glutathione, and rid your body of free radicals more efficiently for better health and wellness.

Learn more about Dr. Keller and the nutritional key to producing more glutathione on YouTube. Visit our website and learn more about Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula™ and the nutritional impact it has had on personal wellness for individuals with a variety of health and immunological conditions.


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