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New Educational Video Series “Ask the Immunologist” With Greg Kirchenbaum, PhD

RKMD Blog 4 years ago

Unlike the Spanish Flu in 1918, one positive thing has changed: access to information.  It is easier today for everyone to get online and read articles or watch videos about the COVID-19 pandemic.  We all have questions and want to better understand the COVID-19 disease and how our immune system is involved.

With each passing day, scientists are gaining a greater understanding of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and are intensifying their study of it.  Who better to get information from and learn about the virus, than from an immunologist?  Dr. Greg Kirchenbaum earned his PhD in immunology and is the son of Co-Ceo David Kirchenbaum.   Greg agreed to assist us in creating a video series with the goal of responding to questions and providing explanations a non-scientist can understand.

We hope you enjoy this new series “Ask the Immunologist”. If you have any questions you would like to ask Dr. Kirchenbaum, please leave your question on our blog or as a comment on YouTube. You can also email us at asktheimmunologist@robkellermd.com.



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