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Forget to Take Your Vitamins? Check Out These Daily Helpful Hacks

RKMD Blog 6 years ago

Daily nutritional supplements matter, unless you are 100% certain that you are getting full nutritional benefit (every day) from high quality dietary sources.  Clinical research has revealed that due to free radicals (including smoke, pollutants and chemicals), choosing the ‘right foods’ daily doesn’t guarantee you are getting an adequate level of essential vitamins and nutrients.

We research the vitamins we want to take, and buy them.  What happens next?   Many people will put their supplements in the bathroom, or in a frequently underused area of the kitchen.  It’s a problem because we all know that multivitamins and other supplements are easy to forget, in the rush to get out the door in the morning, to get your day started.  Taking vitamins every day, offers significant wellness benefits.  After discussing your health needs with your primary care provider (and nutritional recommendations), taking your supplements every day, can help strengthen overall immunity and resistance to infections, inflammation, and the impact of free radicals on cellular health.

Vitamins are good for us, and we want to take them, but how do we make sure that happens on a daily basis?  Check out these five suggestions to help get you on track for a consistent, long-term nutritional supplement program, with RobKellerMD®.

  1. Set a Reminder on Your Smartphone or Digital Assistant

Your smartphone can be a useful tool, to help you remember more than just birthdays, or your next business meeting.  You can schedule alarms that reoccur daily, at specific times, which will help you remember to take your nutritional supplements.   So, program in some alerts and reminders, to help you stay on track.

If you own an Alexa or Google Home virtual assistant device, you can also schedule reoccurring reminders at home.  Let your personal technology help you stick to new habits that promote personal wellness, every day of the year.

  1. Store an Extra Set of Supplements at Work

Did you know that vitamins and minerals can be impacted by heat?  It’s never a good idea to store extra supplements in your vehicle, but you can have 1-2 days worth of your vitamins in a drawer or in a locker at work.  Sometimes we don’t realize that we’ve missed taking our daily supplements, until we are outside of our homes; this is a good workaround for the days that you forget.

  1. Pack Your Vitamins with Your Lunch

If healthy eating is a routine you enjoy keeping, you probably pack a well-balanced lunch for your workday.  If you do, portion out your daily multivitamins and supplements, and include that with your healthy lunch!   Trust us, if your vitamins find their way to your lunch bag, there’s a pretty good chance you will take them on a regular schedule.

You can also upgrade your portable water bottle, to a design that offers a small compartment for your daily supplements.  Convenient, and impossible to miss, you’ll be reminded to take your vitamins and hydrate too!

  1. Get on an Auto-Shipped Supplement

Many supplement manufacturers, like RobKellerMD® provide a convenient service, that helps customers avoid running out of their favorite nutritional products.  Auto-ship actually helps with vitamin and mineral daily compliance, by providing a bench mark on a monthly basis.  Ideally, when your next order arrives, you should have few vitamins left.   Track your progress, and aim to be ‘almost out’ by the time your next order arrives.  It works!

  1. Use a Weekly Supplement Organizer

If you take prescription medications, you are already aware of how convenient and necessary it is, to plan out doses in an organizer.  Again, you will be able to track your progress throughout the week (and work on it), while an organizer helps you create a healthy habit.  Because vitamins only work if you take them daily, an inexpensive supplement or prescription medication organizer can help.

If you have a reliable method that helps you, and your family remember to take your vitamins on a daily basis, we’d love to hear your ideas!  On social, leave us a comment on our post, or comment below on our blog. Check out the heath benefits of walking.


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