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Participate in the RKMD Boost! ‘Good News’ Video Contest

RKMD Blog 4 years ago

Sometimes the news can get a little overwhelming.  You turn on the television and there are a lot of updates and opinions that can feel intimidating.  You head to social media channels looking for more information and find yourself feeling more stressed and overwhelmed because of ‘negative news’.   It’s everywhere, and it has an impact on our energy, general mood and optimism.  Over time, that stress can contribute to health problems too.

Every month, our team at RKMD adds interesting health and wellness content to the Thrive! blog, and we’d like to thank our customers and Affiliates who have complimented us on the resources we provide. As our team discussed the ‘negative news’ and how that impacted us, we wanted to add a new category to Thrive! that would focus on positive lifestyle changes we can all make, that improve our mental health, stress reduction, social and life satisfaction.

What kind of things can you expect from our new series RKMD Boost! on the Thrive! blog?  We want to share the lighter side of life, and creative approaches to cultivating life balance for the benefit of mental and physical health. Our team of health and wellness writers are planning some fun and lighthearted content, creative tips and suggestions that may inspire you to make some important changes and to prioritize things like social time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, crafts … and naps.

During a recent marketing team meeting at  RobKellerMD®, I asked a simple question:

“what could we do as a health and wellness community, to inspire ‘good news’ and positive uplifting stories for our customers and Affiliates?”  

But we didn’t want to be the only source of that positive news; we wanted to give other people the opportunity to share their own positive habits that were helping them successfully navigate the ‘shelter in place’ requirements and challenges.

How can you participate in our #RKMDBoost! positive news and healthy lifestyle campaign?  Watch the video message below from our Director of Marketing, Denise Harrison to learn how to submit a your own video and share your ideas.  We have valued customers and Affiliates around the world!  How are you spending this time at home, and what activities are you incorporating into your day to stay healthy, reduce your stress, and reinforce a positive happy mood?

Inspirational Ideas for Your Video

  • A fun new fitness activity you are trying.
  • A craft you are working on with your child / children?
  • A healthy new recipe you learned this week.
  • Something creative you are doing around the house.
  • Your new vegetable or herb garden. (We put together a guide)
  • Relaxing or keeping fit with family pets. 
  • Learning a new hobby. 

Your video and suggestion can inspire others, and we can’t wait to see what our customers and Affiliates suggest!  When we have reviewed your video, we will upload it to our YouTube channel and share it on social.  Help us on our mission to create more light, positive, entertaining and happy ‘news’ to share, during these difficult times.

Enter your video and we will send you one of three RobKellerMD® gifts.  Make sure you include your mailing address with your video submission, so we can send you the free gift!

(Limit one gift per mailing address). 

Guest Bloggers Welcomed to Submit Content 

As a growing health and wellness community, our team at RKMD is not just interested in what we have to share, we want to present as many creative ideas and inspirational real stories about lifestyle balance, relaxation, stress management and more for our readers. If you have something uplifting to share about the lighter and brighter side of living healthy, we’d like to share your article on our blog!  Send us your article, and a little bit of information about yourself (and a profile picture for your author byline) to: info@robkellermd.com.

Please note that we must review articles for compliance, and articles may not imply a cure or health remedy unless written by a licensed medical practitioner.  Articles that are selected will be published and authors will be notified by email with a link to their article. Please refer to our terms and conditions below and contact us if you would like more information on our publishing and compliance guidelines.

We want to share as many happy and healthy tips as we can, to give everyone a positive boost in the middle of our current adversities and health concerns.   We hope you enjoy the content we’re preparing and would love to hear your comments. If you like something you’ve read as part of the RKMD Boost! blog series, please share it with your family and friends. We’re all in this together and we hope that our articles and the videos submitted by our customers and affiliates become a bright, encouraging and inspirational part of your day.

David Kirchenbaum, Co-CEO, RobKellerMD®

Make the Day a Little Brighter With RKMD Boost!

Video Submission Guidelines – Terms and Conditions

Thank you for participating in our ‘good news’ movement to share inspiring, positive and uplifting videos. We love to see your comments, videos and hear your stories and ideas for staying active, and in a healthy mindset during the current global health concern. By submitting or uploading your story, comments or videos by email, through file transfer or social media networks, you are authorizing RobKellerMD® to use, publish, reproduce, modify and distribute your content with or without your name, in perpetuity, worldwide and in any related media for any lawful purpose.
This permission in effect upon submission may include, but is not limited to purposes of education, information sharing, advertising or promotion.   Please do not upload video content that is filmed without the express permission of the guest or participants in the video, or minors without the express consent of parents or guardians.  RobKellerMD® reserves the right to accept or decline to use any content received.  Any videos or content submitted will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and becomes the property of RobKellerMD®.  Any use of the content submitted can be attributed to the individual who submitted the video or shared anonymously (please indicate if you do not wish your name to be shared with the video content).
Anything submitted or posted and used for informative or promotional sharing on social media channels, the Thrive! blog, or the RKMD YouTube channel will be without compensation to the participant who submitted the video or content, and is warranted by the stated terms and conditions of submission. If you have any questions about our user generated content (UGC) policy, please contact us at: info@robkellermd.com.
We look forward to seeing your amazing and inspiring videos!  Have fun, and share your best tips for staying healthy, happy and relaxed during the current health crisis.  And remember, what you share can really help other people cope with the stress of quarantine and other concerns. 



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