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What Is It Like Being an RobKellerMD Affiliate? Creating a Part-Time Income from Home

RKMD Blog 7 years ago

When it comes to health and wellness, everyone has a vested interest to become informed, and to do whatever they can to get healthy, and stay healthy.   Our founder, Dr. Robert Keller, was a compassionate healer and immunological expert, and his research changed the way the world thought about the impact of free radicals on cellular health, and the value of antioxidants for healthy aging.

At RobKellerMD® our products are available for retail purchase directly through our website. But where some of the most valuable selling occurs, is when our Affiliates introduce our products to family, friends, co-workers and wholesale business opportunities.   The personalized approach to recommending quality vitamins that the Affiliate trusts, is a genuine endorsement for our nutritional supplements.  Rather than telling new customers about the wellness benefit of augmenting daily nutrition with our patented supplements, our Affiliates can share their own personal experience as long-term customers.    RobKellerMD® Affiliates invite others to try our supplements weekly, in Canada, across the United States, in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and many other countries, because they know that we provide high-quality daily vitamins they can trust.

Enrolling as an Affiliate

There are many nutritional supplement manufacturers who engage existing customers as Affiliates, but there is often a heavy price tag attached to the start-up package for the affiliate.  At RobKellerMD® our approach is different.   We don’t create expensive start-up packages, or large bulk orders that customers have to buy to get started.   We’re glad you value the quality of our supplements, and we appreciate the work our Affiliate’s do to introduce our products to people they know, helping our private label supplement grow internationally.

You, as an Affiliate are helping us with the best kind of personal selling and advertising there is.  Because of our appreciation for our Affiliates, our commission program is structured to:

1. Provide free enrollment. If you are already on our auto-ship program, you are automatically qualified to enroll as an Affiliate with RobKellerMD®  There is no sign-up fee.

2. Provide discounted marketing materials and samples. Our Affiliate starter kit and samples are available at cost (including shipping).   We thank our Affiliates for representing our brand, and we’re pleased to help with brochures, website banner graphics (for your blog with your Affiliate link), coupons, social media branded graphics, GRB® (Glutathione Rapid Boost) sample cards and much more.

3. Provide free coaching on sales, online marketing and other learning that can help our Affiliates expand their reach, grow a team of sub-affiliates, and their monthly commission. Our team of Affiliates earns an average of $500 per month, with many teams working together to earn far more on a monthly basis.

4. Provide friendly customer support. Do you have a question about your commission or our Affiliate program?  Call or email us at Affiliate@RobKellerMD.com and speak to Denise Harrison, our Director of Affiliate Relations.

5. Provide fun contests and bonus commission opportunities. Throughout the year, we run special incentive campaigns and offers that allow you to earn extra commission on your sales.   It’s our way of thanking our valued Affiliates.

RobKellerMD® is not a networking marketing company.   We are an internationally recognized family owned brand that is growing thanks to the hard work of our Affiliate team.  We also welcome the feedback and suggestions from our Affiliates; we’re proud of our reputation, our nutritional supplements, and the long-term relationships we’ve established with our brand advocates.

Is the RobKellerMD® Affiliate Opportunity ‘Right’ for You?

Creating a passive income, while meeting new people and introducing the supplements you know and trust to others.  In a nutshell, that’s what the Affiliate opportunity with RobKellerMD® represents.   There is no “hard selling” or large minimum orders to qualify the enrollment of a new Affiliate, or customer.  We’ve made it easy to introduce our products, by providing a special offer.

Each Affiliate is awarded a coupon code, that enables a customer to save 50% off their first monthly order of any supplement, or combination of our vitamins.   Your Affiliate Coupon is confidential, and can be used one-time at a single ship-to address (one offer per household).

Affiliates in our Bonus program can earn coupons for a “free bottle” of the Original Glutathione Formula™.  This coupon will provide a new customer with the first month of Dr. Keller’s OGF™ glutathione support supplement.  Affiliates can enroll the new customer in a monthly auto-ship order of OGF™ for $39.95 per month (saving $10 off each month).

What kind of people make successful Affiliates in our program?

  • Those who like to meet new people.
  • Those interested in health and wellness (and passionate about staying healthy).
  • Those who have experienced a health challenge, and overcome it with healthy changes to dietary and nutritional needs.
  • Those who enjoy sharing their own personal wellness story.

Create a part-time income from home, by introducing the RobKellerMD® supplements you know and trust.  Visit our Affiliate resource page on our website, to learn more about our commission opportunity.


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