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Social distancing has meant significant changes in the way we run our days. Or don’t run, to be more accurate. Ordering groceries is a good idea if you can. It may reduce your exposure to the Covid-19 virus by keeping you out of a public place. However, it also reduces burning about 350 calories or more. The energy you would burn walking the aisles of your local grocery store.

Right now, people are not visiting each other’s homes. That means no parties or get-togethers. No preparation for having guests over at your house also means fewer calories burned. Let’s face it; you probably won’t obsess about vacuuming under the sofa if your mother-in-law isn’t coming over. It all adds up to fewer calories burned. And that can slowly add up to gaining weight.

If you feel the need to stay home (and most of us do right now), you may be neglecting fitness activities you will normally engage in. Remember that staying active is a form of self-care. Fitness has a positive impact on both physical and mental health.

Not sure how to stay active at home? It does not have to be expensive to honor your daily fitness needs. Check out these great suggestions.

Explore Some Fun Physical Fitness Challenges on TikTok

If you have not created your profile and tried TikTok, you may be missing out on some real social media fun. Not only is TikTok a place for cheerful and funny content (which will lift your mood on those ‘meh’ days), but there are challenges! And they are an incredibly easy way to participate in some fun that gets you moving.

There are some family-friendly challenges that you can share with your children. You can choose whether you want to broadcast your challenge or not. Many parents simply use the TikTok challenges as an inspiration for an exercise or dance game idea because they are fun.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can always make your TikTok account private. That way, only family and close friends can see your videos. Compete with family and friends and share your videos with your audience. Making it competitive can get everyone involved in healthy exercise as a group activity weekly. And you can always create your challenges too.

Bypass the Dog Park for a Long Walk Instead

One of the things that health officials are warning about is the safety of exposure to other people’s pets. Going to the dog park isn’t merely good exercise, fresh air, and gratifying for your pup. It is also a social event. Often, you have acquaintances you see all the time at your local park. You know them, and you know their dog(s).

Just as you take care of your pet, you trust that other people do too. In terms of topical medications for fleas and heartworm. But can your dog actually transmit the Covid-19 virus to you? Surprisingly, the virus can live for several days on porous surfaces. And that includes dog fur. Your dog may be fine but interacting with other households and pets could mean an increased risk of exposure to the virus.

Instead of heading to the dog park, consider a long walk instead. Many parks do have paved tracks or paths that you can walk safely. Make it your morning routine before work to walk your dog. Not only will you both get some healthy exercise, but you will also have a tired and sleepy pooch when it’s time to get to work.

Purge and Organize in Your Home 

Do you and your family usually have a garage sale once per year? In the summer of 2020, many families opted not to have a traditional garage sale. Congregating a crowd goes against the CDC guidelines for social distancing. But that doesn’t address the pile of boxes you want to purge from your garage. So, what are your alternatives?

If you want to sell items as you organize your storage shed or garage, consider posting items for curbside pick up on Facebook. Through Facebook Messenger, you can accept payments. And listing items on Facebook Marketplace is free. 

All you need is a few pictures and post those items on Marketplace. Accept payment. Then place the item on your porch for pick-up at a time chosen by the buyer. Touchless garage sales are the best of both worlds. You make space, get a little money, and protect your health.

Check Out Some New or Used Exercise Equipment

Have a little bit of extra money after successfully purging your garage on Facebook Marketplace? Awesome! Did you know that right now is a great time to get quality used exercise equipment on Marketplace as well?

Some people are selling professional exercise gear that you would find at a gym for pennies on the dollar compared to new equipment. Find a treadmill, weight bench, elliptical machine, or exercise bike you like. Sometimes you can get the seller to deliver for a little extra money. Or you may have to go pick it up yourself. 

If you have purchased some equipment and pick it up, bring viral sanitizing wipes with you. Standard wet wipes won’t disinfect surfaces. Make sure you purchase the kind that has a special additive to kill surface bacteria and viruses. Don’t be embarrassed to wipe the equipment down before you put it in your vehicle. Everyone is taking extra precautions to stay safe.

Hit the Road on Your Bicycle

Is it time to dust off your bike? When was the last time you went exploring on your bike? Riding a bicycle provides excellent cardiovascular benefits, strengthening the heart and improving circulation. And you can enjoy a much-needed break from cabin fever within the four walls of your home. It can feel liberating to get out on a bike, especially if you haven’t done it for years.

If you will be riding your bike in a crowded or urban area, remember your mask. You don’t have to stop and talk to people to be exposed to the Covid-19 coronavirus. You can pedal close to a crowd of people talking (without masks on) and risk inhaling droplets as you pass by. So, make sure you are wearing your mask at all times.

While it is understandable to focus on all the things we “cannot do” during the Covid-19 health emergency, consider what you can do. This is a great time to build new exercise habits that will help you sustain a healthy weight while strengthening your immune system. It takes twenty-eight (28) days to create a new positive habit. Exercise is an important piece in the immune defense puzzle, making it a priority for thirty minutes to one hour every day. Exercise is an important heart healthy habit.


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