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Can We Talk About Your Daily Multivitamin? 

RKMD Blog 6 years ago

The first consumer retail multivitamin appeared in America in the late 1950’s, and were available in apothecary bottles from the local pharmacy.  But the need for daily nutritional supplements was first discovered in 1906, by the British biochemist, Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins. He identified that nutritional deficiencies in diet, impacted the development of chronic disease.

The supplements were first discussed by researches as “vitamine”, as the nutrients were thought at the time, to contain a nitrogen element called ‘amine’.   However, in 1911, a Polish scientist by the name of Cashmir Funk, identified specific compounds that were necessary for good health.   Since then, vitamins have become a healthy part of daily life, as we understand the important role they play, to balance the minimum nutrients we need, to achieve good health.

How Many Vitamins Are There?

Did you know that there are only 13 essential human vitamins that provide the baseline of minerals and minerals our bodies need to promote health and wellness?  Those vitamins are A, C, E, D, K, and the family of 8 B-vitamin complexes.

In addition to the essential 13 nutritional building blocks of health and wellness, there are 85,000 other beneficial dietary supplements, that provide wellness benefits.    So when you are evaluating the value of a daily multivitamin, it is important to look for the 13 primary vitamins, as well as minerals and dietary supplements, that can help address many other nutritional deficits.

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Aren’t All Vitamins the Same?

When you are evaluating a daily multivitamin, it’s very important to research your best option.  If you are not sure what supplements you may need on a daily basis, you can start by having a conversation with your doctor, to evaluate factors like age, medication, physical activity, heredity and other important aspects of your personal health profile.  This can help you tailor your daily supplements to include vitamins and minerals that offer you the most benefit.

Global market researches predict that sales of vitamins and nutritional supplements will exceed $9.3 billion dollars by the year 2020.  There are many options available to consumers, and unless you’ve taken the time to read the ingredients of each multivitamin, it’s hard to make sure you are taking a high-quality supplement.

Dr. Keller recognized that many multivitamin products were deficient in key areas, and he formulated a unique daily nutritional supplement (Advanced Immune Defense™), to provide the benefits of both the 13 essential vitamins, as well as other dietary benefits (based on evidence from Traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM). Save $10 on AID™.

What Makes Advanced Immune Defense a Better Choice?

Dr. Keller’s Advanced Immune Defense™ has ingredients that are not commonly found in other multivitamins available by private brand companies, or through consumer retail providers.   Not only does AID™ provide all of the baseline vitamins, it offers additional wellness benefits.

In two capsules daily, our Advanced Immune Defense™ multivitamin provides:


Glutathione peroxidase, is a vital enzyme in cellular antioxidant defense.  It protects cells against peroxides and hydroperoxides.  The average lifespan of a red blood cell is only 120 days, but during that period, the RBC is exposed to ongoing oxidative stress.

As a component of the glutathione cycle, selenium helps to protect the liver from reactive oxygen metabolites, by stabilizing normal glutathione peroxidase activity.  That helps preserve antioxidants and optimizes their important function within the body.


Every cell within the human body, requires Coq10 to maintain healthy functioning.  But Coq10 also functions as a powerful antioxidant at the cellular level.  It works to produce energy within the cell, and strengthens cellular resistance to free radicals, and oxidative damage.


The health benefits of a good quality glass of wine, are thanks to resveratrol.  How does it help keep you healthy?  The polyphenol is essential to health and longevity, and it works by protecting the endothelium (the inside lining of arteries) from oxidative and free radical damage.  Endothelium is responsible for keeping blood vessels dilated and healthy.

Hawthorne Berry

Dieticians and clinical experts call the Hawthorne berry the “heart herb” because of it’s ability to promote significant health benefits for the entire cardiovascular system.  It’s been documented since the early 1800’s when it was used for treatment on heart attack and stroke patients, but it works to reduce and prevent hypertension, arterial hardening, and respiratory disorders.

Ginseng and Nrf2

One of the best-known extracts used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ginseng has been used to address inflammation, and some studies note an improvement in the overall health of the respiratory system, and lung epithelial cells.  Ginseng also activates the Nrf2 pathway, which has many preventative cardiovascular benefits.

Mulberry Extract

Researchers around the world, have published clinical studies linking Mulberry extract to a number of powerful health benefits, from promoting balanced blood glucose, to reducing hypertension, cholesterol, improving bone mass density and much more.

One of the most exciting benefits of Mulberry extract, is how it can help optimize liver and kidney functioning.  It is also a known suppressant for mutagenesis of carcinogens, which can make cells more resistant to developing certain types of cancer.

The vitamins and minerals found in Dr. Keller’s Advanced Immune Defense™ are not commonly found in many popular multivitamin brands.  Take AID™ in conjunction with our Original Glutathione Formula™ every day, to promote the recycling and retention of antioxidants, while balancing daily nutritional needs with good dietary choices.


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