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Glutathione: The Key to Aging with Health and Vitality

RKMD Blog 10 years ago

What if we told you the fountain of youth was actually inside of you?  Each cell of the human body carries a small, inconspicuous protein called Glutathione which holds the secret to maintaining healthy organ functioning, improved immunity, cognitive functioning and even youthful appearance.

It might seem a little far-fetched until you consider that the human body holds an incredible ability to heal itself from within.  Every day your body is exposed to toxins in the air, in the water we drink and in the food we eat.  It is also bombarded by prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and cosmetic chemicals that we use every day.   When it comes to cellular health and the natural environment around us, it really is a battle to stay healthy every day of your life.

Glutathione and Immunity

Inside your cells, the glutathione molecule has a small but critical role.  Glutathione is present as a molecule in every cell of your body, however it is the liver that produces the highest volume of the powerful natural antioxidant. When glutathione levels are adequate in the human body, certain health functions are optimized.  This little known protein supports the following health benefits:

  • Powerful anti-aging properties.  Helps keep organs functioning efficiently, which has a number of effects on the appearance of the body including keeping skin, hair and nails nourished.
  • Ramps up your energy by supporting the mitochondria. Read: Low energy levels and low Glutathione.
  • Helps prevent neurological decline including dementia, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative cognitive impairments associated with aging.
  • Helps to protect your heart by reducing inflammation from free radicals.
  • Removal of heavy metals and toxins is optimized.  Helps reduce carcinogens within tissue and cells and may reduce the instances of certain types of cancer.
  • Super charges your immunity making you more resilient to everything from common colds to chronic inflammation and disease.

Glutathione allows your body to heal itself from the inside out, detoxifying cells and improving your body’s natural functioning.  As we age, our ability to produce glutathione reduces by about 10% every decade (according to some studies).  Oral supplementation of Glutathione does not work, but providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs to produce Glutathione is an effective way to combat the decline of glutathione production with age.

You can help your body turn back the clock and support your health and wellness naturally and nutritionally with our Original Glutathione Formula™ from the research of our founder, Dr. Robert Keller.

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