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The Regenerative Power of Glutathione

RKMD Blog 10 years ago

If you knew there was a way to enhance your body’s natural ability to remove harmful toxins and oxidants from your cells, would you take it?  What if the supplement enabled your cells to work more efficiently without being chemically burdened, and the result was a stronger immune system, organ functioning and reduced inflammation? Glutathione almost sounds too good to be true when you begin to evaluate the profound effect it has on human health.  But understanding what it is and why it is important is a cornerstone to building better wellness and personal health.  Not only is glutathione a valuable asset to your body, it is key to reducing your risk of illness and health complications.

What Is Glutathione and why do we need it?

Glutathione and its ability to heal the human body is well documented in science journals, publications and research studies.    It is a naturally occurring enzyme that is produced in the human body (predominantly in the liver) and is a powerful antioxidant, helping the body to detoxify at the cellular level. Glutathione is a small molecule that is actually produced in every cell of the human body, but it is produced in larger quantities in the liver.  Since glutathione exists as a molecule in every cell, it is present to attach itself to free radicals (toxins and waste) within the cell.  Once glutathione attaches itself to a particle of waste (free radical) the cell is able to remove and dispose of the toxin.   The result is a healthier cell that can function normally, without the burden of free radicals. In layman’s terms, consider glutathione to be a power cleansing agent that is present throughout your body.  It is your body’s natural method of removing harmful toxins and (free radicals).

Glutathione is essential the healthy functioning of body and cells, and from the time we are born, our body produces an adequate amount of glutathione to keep us healthy. Unfortunately as we age, we begin to lose the ability to produce adequate amounts of glutathione in our body.  Production of glutathione can be impacted by illness, physical trauma, radiation, poor diet, prescription medications, and toxins within our natural environment and other imbalances within our body.   Without normative levels of glutathione, our body is unable to efficiently remove free radicals from our system, and we become exposed to immunological threats and chronic disease. Read about the effects of short term and long term effects of adding Glutathione to your diet.

The Benefits of Naturally Produced Glutathione


  • A Powerful antioxidant
  • It boosts your immune system
  • Effectively fights cancer (in clinical studies)
  • Fights cognitive degeneration (Alzheimer’s, Senility)
  • Improves organ functioning

In a future article we will discuss the difference between taking a glutathione supplement and enhancing your body’s natural production of Glutathione with a nutritional formula that stimulates increased production of glutathione in your body. Learn more about our Original Glutathione Formula™


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