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The Short and Long-Term Benefits of Adding Glutathione to Your Diet

RKMD Blog 7 years ago

Two decades ago, the medical community understood very little about the health benefits of antioxidants and glutathione.   Within the last ten years however, thanks in part to research and speaking engagements that our founder, Dr. Robert Keller offered, physicians and dieticians understand how important this little understood master antioxidant, offers in terms of healthy aging, and improved immunity.

While there are hundreds of published scientific articles about glutathione, consumers can become confused by complex scientific jargon, and the selection of brands of glutathione supplements on the shelf.   What wellness benefits can you expect, after focusing on improving the glutathione levels in your body, and how can you tell if it is ‘working’ to promote better health?

Encouraging Your Body to Produce More Glutathione

In every cell of the human body, glutathione is present, and it fights to neutralize free radicals, that cause cellular damage.  The simple molecule is composed of three individual protein building blocks (amino acids) which are cysteine, glutamine and glycine.   Unlike other types of nutritional vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, glutathione is intracellular, or produced within the body.

The problem is that over time, the human body loses the ability to efficiently produce glutathione.  Different facts like age, chronic disease, lifestyle habits (such as smoking or alcohol use), and even environmental causes like pollution, expose our cells to increasing levels of free radicals, that attack healthy cells.

An important fact Dr. Keller discovered, was that simple supplementation (or oral ingestion of glutathione) didn’t work, or provide noticeable wellness benefits. What worked in his clinical trials, was empowering the body nutritionally, to produce more glutathione in each cell.  And his solution was a daily nutritional supplement, that did just that for his patients.  He called that supplement, the Original Glutathione Formula™.

Shortly after providing OGF™ to consumers, Dr. Keller developed Glutathione Rapid Boost™, a nutrient dense but refreshing sports drink, that provided 500 mg of L-Glutamine, 100 mg of Theobromine, and 33 mcg of essential vitamin B-12, to improve energy, alertness and focus, and immunological benefits.

Short and Long-Term Benefits of Restoring Optimal Glutathione Levels

Using a combination of effective nutritional supplements, and a healthy balanced diet, you can slow down many of the symptoms of physical and cognitive decline.  Many clinical studies have reported benefits that can include:

1. Improved resistance to bacterial and viral infections

2. Increased energy (thanks to adenosine triphosphate or ATP inside every cell)

3. Healthier skin, hair and nails

4. Improved memory skills

5. Improved healing from wounds and injuries

One of the most effective ways to restore glutathione from a dietary approach, is the consumption of alpha lipoic acid, which is found in red meats and specifically, organ meats like desiccated liver from grass fed animals.  However, given dietary restrictions and the unpalatable nature of the source (for most people), there are easier ways to give your body the nutritional support it needs, to rebuild glutathione levels, and improve health, one cell at a time. You could say that Glutathione is the fountain of youth.

If you are not a fan of many dietary sources of glutathione, two supplements can help you rehabilitate your cellular health, and improve antioxidant production.  Ask your local RobKellerMD® Affiliate for a sample of Glutathione Rapid Boost™, and find out how you can save $10 per month on our convenient auto-ship service, delivering glutathione boosting supplements right to your door.


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