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Understanding Glutathione and Its Link to Good Health

RKMD Blog 11 years ago

Did you know that there are more than 90,000 published research papers and scientific studies about Glutathione production and loss in the body?   We don’t need to assert what the scientific community has already substantiated.  Glutathione is the most powerful key to health at the cellular level.    A pioneer in that research and perhaps one of it’s best known supports was our founder, the late Dr. Robert Keller.

What Is Glutathione?

Products that claim to increase your Glutathione (GSH) by taking it as a supplement can be somewhat misleading.  The truth is that your body does not need to have it introduced as an external nutrient, but rather the tripeptide can be produced within your own body.    Our natural human state of health involves healthy production of Glutathione that assists as an antioxidant to remove the effects of oxidation on our cells.  Oxidation is a normal part of biological function and Glutathione is a powerful agent that removes that toxicity from our cells before they contribute to other health concerns (according to research) including Alzheimer’s, premature aging (internally and externally), inflammation and other ailments.

For the average consumer, it helps to think of Glutathione as something that occurs naturally in your body and something that your cells desperately need in order to remain healthy.  Unfortunately there are a number of reasons that our Glutathione production is compromised as we age, including poor nutrition, stress and environmental burdens that increase the toxicity in our bodies.   We need antioxidants more than ever before, and yet our body’s ability to produce it is so impaired that we are not getting the full biological benefit of Glutathione. Glutathione is considered the fountain of youth.

What Happens When Glutathione Is Low?
You have heard us mention cellular toxicity.  Think of your body as impacted by it’s own function but also greatly impacted by changes to our diet and lifestyle.  Oxidation happens naturally but the ways that we have traditionally cleansed our bodies of toxicity (exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep and appropriate amounts of clean water) have been reduced in the modern lifestyle that most of us lead.

We drink and eat a lot of stuff that increases our cellular toxicity load and it is those very things that make it harder for our body to produce the cleansing agent it needs.   The powerful antioxidant Glutathione (GSH) has to be stimulated within the body to produce appropriate levels that will help you look better, feel amazing and assist to detoxify your body at the cellular level. In essence, you are not adding anything foreign to your body.

What you are doing with our Original Glutathione Formula™ is empowering your body to create and recycle the antioxidant it needs for healthy functioning.  Combined with other informed lifestyle changes our Original Glutathione Formula™ will help your body get back on track and optimize it’s production of GSH.



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  1. What’s the best way to take OGF? Before/after a meal? On an empty stomach?

    1. Hi Benjamin – The suggested serving size is 6 capsules in the AM. These can be taken without food, or before or after eating – whatever best fits your morning routine.

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