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Eat Your Way To Better Health!

RKMD Blog 10 years ago

mother feeding kid vegetables in kitchenYou probably have a fair idea of the way you should eat to keep yourself in good health, and every intention of starting to make more nutritious meals for yourself. After a long day spent at work, the healthy recipes you see online and on TV can seem pretty intimidating or require more time than you think you have to cook.  But don’t panic and reach for the potato chips; a healthy diet is well within your reach if you remember a few simple guidelines.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture at choosemyplate.gov, half your plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables. This doesn’t mean you have to have salad every day, though; there are lots of other ways to get your veggies to prevent you from getting bored with salads or leafy vegetables.   Grilled mushrooms, zucchini or squash can liven up a meal, and some fruits such as pineapple and mango slices can be grilled for a new flavor experience.  No patio for grilling? An electric grill or grill pan for your stove top can give you the same result.

If you do enjoy salads, why not try adding some protein to them for a nutritional boost and more flavor variety? Nuts, cooked meat or quinoa, beans or chickpeas can take your salad to the next level. Or if you’re looking for ways to boost your fruit intake, add berries, sliced pears or apples, or even grapes! It’s up to you.

A little planning can help you pack salads for lunch at work and avoid the temptations of fast food: buy a few wide-mouthed pint- or quart-sized Mason jars and pack them up to five days in advance. Just make sure to put the heavy ingredients with the salad dressing on the bottom of the jar, then put the lighter ingredients on top and end with the greens.  Get creative and keep your salads interesting.   If you’re adding soft veggies like avocados or cooked meat, you should wait to pack that in until the day you’re having the salad.  Once it’s time to eat, unscrew that jar and shake it into a bowl, and lunch is served in a convenient, make-ahead way. What about portion distortion?

We know you’re busy (we all have hectic schedules) and  it’s tough to get all those fruits, veggies and whole grains into your diet on a daily basis . The right multivitamin can go a long way towards supplementing the vitamins and minerals you get from your food, and can help keep your immune system strong.  Quality supplements fill the gap between what your body needs and what you were able to provide nutritionally.

Advanced Immune Defense™ (AID) was designed by Dr. Robert Keller with your health in mind; it contains vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that can help you achieve optimum health. With ginseng, resveratrol (the “red wine” antioxidant), Coenzyme Q-10 (which can benefit your heart, liver, and kidneys), and Betaine (a substance which can support digestion and liver function).

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