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Cholesterol is a natural product which is always present in the body; there are two different kinds of cholesterol, and you should know where your levels of both of them stand. If you’ve been told you have too much LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol that can lead to plaque in the arteries), change your eating habits and level of physical activity.

One easy change to help lower your levels of LDL cholesterol is to eat more fruits and vegetables: from five to nine servings daily. Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, powerful nutrients that can help you get, and stay, healthy. Eating more plant-based foods can lower your blood pressure and may help you to maintain a healthy weight as well.

Adding more omega-3 fats to your diet is another great way to fight LDL cholesterol. Fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon, trout, and even the humble sardine are rich in omega-3s and low in saturated fat. Serve them grilled, baked or steamed rather than fried–frying will undo all the benefits you can get from these fish. Some plant-based foods that contain omega-3s are walnuts and flaxseed, as well as olive, canola, and soybean oil.

An exciting development in the battle against LDL cholesterol is the discovery of the importance of probiotics. Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria that live in your intestinal tract and are vital to the health of your digestive system. Recent studies suggest that probiotics may play a role in helping to lower levels of LDL cholesterol. Check out these 5 myths about probiotics.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of probiotics, we offer RobKellerMD® G.I. Balance™ (GIB)  formula. Dr. Robert Keller himself selected the probiotic organisms that are included in this supplement based on their ability to survive in the digestive tract, as well as their specific properties that can improve its microbial balance and impact your digestive health. Daily supplementation with  G.I. Balance™ can be a valuable part of your heart-healthy lifestyle.


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