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Glutathione is the Fountain of Youth (From the Inside Out)

RKMD Blog 5 years ago

How many times have you seen advertisements for a miracle skin cream, or a mask that promises to revitalize your skin and restore that youthful appearance and healthy glow?  The American cosmetic industry alone for anti-aging products grosses over $50 billion dollars per year selling (but not fulfilling) that promise.

Any physician will tell you that beautiful skin and wellness starts from within.  Anything you apply topically to your skin can only have limited results.  Below the surface of your skin are layers of dermis and skin cells that need to be nourished.   That’s where a balanced diet and glutathione (antioxidant) production offers the kind of benefit that cosmetic treatments cannot come close to comparison to.

Can I Take a Lot of Glutathione to Get Healthier Skin?

We know it’s a little confusing, because there are literally hundreds of glutathione supplements that promise to increase your antioxidant levels.  And it’s really misleading because they make you think that all you need is a daily vitamin to raise your natural glutathione levels and sustain them long-term.  But that’s not how it works.

Our founder, Dr. Robert Keller was one of the first to educate the medical community about the unique way that our bodies produce, process and recycle glutathione.  Through his clinical studies and research, he revealed that an individual would have to take pounds (literally) of glutathione supplements daily, in order to achieve that goal.

So yes, it is possible to take a straight supplement and increase your glutathione, but the practicality of the volume of glutathione needed to achieve that, simply doesn’t work. Dr. Keller discovered that the body didn’t need to have supplemental glutathione.  What it needed to offset the impact of declining production as we age, were a combination of extracts, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish that natural production.

From this research came the formulation of the Original Glutathione Formula, and after rigorous testing our supplement was patented for its unique wellness benefits.

What Makes the Original Glutathione Formula® Different from Other Antioxidant Supplements?

The best way to think of the Original Glutathione Formula® as a daily anti-aging supplement, is to consider it a glutathione optimizer!  You see, your body already produces glutathione naturally to combat attacks on your cellular health from free radicals.  Things like heavy metals, pollution, hormones and antibiotics in our food supply, and even some of the residual effects of certain prescription medications and fillers.

All of these free radicals are absorbed by your body, and they are aggressive! They attach to your healthy cells (including skin cells) and have a disabling effect.  A cell with free radicals cannot function normally.  It can’t do its job, and the oxidation process (the damage done by free radicals) can even predispose that cell to becoming carcinogenic, or cancerous.

A free radical robs the cell of electrons, and what is worse, the free radical (once it has damaged a cell) will seek out other healthy cells and attach themselves.  This creates a cascading effect that creates exponential cellular damage.

What does this have to do with healthy, youthful skin?  That cellular damage changes the DNA of every skin cell the free radicals encounter.  That disables our healthy skin cells and prevents them from producing collagen and lipids; the two things that help keep skin firm, hydrated and youthful looking, with fewer wrinkles.

Some visible signs of free radical damage to skin include:

  • Premature wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dull skin
  • Hyperpigmentation or dark spots

Remember we mentioned that free radicals had a cascading effect?  As more cells are impacted by cellular oxidation from free radicals, those visible signs of aging become more pronounced.  Natural glutathione production declines with age, but with Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula® you can help your body produce and recycle glutathione, for healthier skin. Learn more about the importance of glutathione.



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